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Itunes paypal not working

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Itunes paypal not working

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Apr 17, AM in response to turingtest2 In response to turingtest2 Well I appreciate your effort to help to solve this dilemma but unfortunately when I log into my PayPal in an attempt to change "method of payment" from my credit card to payment from my PayPal yes, I have money in my PayPalI see only two choices: 1 - Keep what is showing my credit card or 2 - Apply for a PayPal credit card which I certainly do not want. The is no option for making payment out of my PayPal. I don't know if iTunes screwed things up or if PayPal screwed things up Yes, I have plenty of money in my PayPal - enough to buy hundreds of songs or whatever off the iTunes site.

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You can fix all these problems.

How do I update payment information on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod? This can happen if there are unexpected or unauthorized purchases on your. Click Continue to be directed to the PayPal website.

I always have money in my paypal balance and I DO NOT wish to use credit The problem seems to be primarily focused on iTunes cards. Then follow our instructions above to update your payment information.

How to use paypal as a payment option for itunes and app store purchases

Please edit your billing info to sorking the problem. Yes, I have plenty of money in my PayPal - enough to buy hundreds of songs or whatever off the iTunes site. I'm having the same problem, I keep getting that my card has been declined, problem is i'm using paypal, I just tried it using a itunes gift card and it's still telling​. Be sure to check your billing payppal matches the records of your bank as well.

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Long before that, Dan turned to Apple products from a musical background. Woking, try restarting iTunes or removing and reinstalling it from your computer. Apple makes no representations regarding third-party website accuracy or reliability. If none of your payment methods can be charged, your last order will remain unpaid.

Update or change your payment method

Then you can make other purchases and update your apps, including free apps. Having owned iPods for years, he bought a MacBook to learn sound recording and production. Check it out at the top of this postand let us know how you get on in the comments below.

Read our affiliate link policy for more details. Follow the steps to authenticate your PayPal. If your original payment method was a debit card, switch to a credit card instead. If you have an unpaid balance in the App Store or iTunes Store, you might see one of these messages: "There is a billing problem with a purchase.

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Your credit card was declined please enter valid credit card information. Check the name, street address, and phone are consistent with your bank. Why does it say invalid payment method on iTunes or the App Store? If you cancel you will not be able to buy until this billing issue has been resolved. He spent two years supervising repairs as a Genius Admin for Apple Retail and uses that knowledge to keep our troubleshooting guides up to date.

Select your County, then click Done. Our guide to fixing declined iTunes and App Store payments includes specific instructions for iPhone users. What can I do if there are unauthorized purchases on my Apple ID? The first thing to do is check that your payment information for iTunes and noot App Store is up-to-date.

If your payment method is declined in the app store or itunes store

How do I add a new payment method on a Mac or PC? If none of your payment methods can be charged, your last order will remain unpaid. Here's how to do it when it becomes available. Apple assumes no responsibility with regard to the selection, performance, or use of third-party websites or products.

Then back in again. Update. Disable your VPN or update your payment methods so everything is from the same country or region.

Find out why a payment method can’t be charged

You cannot turn on Ask to Buy for adult family members. My iTunes is updated to version How do I add a new payment method on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod? Why does Apple keep saying my payment method was declined on iTunes and the App Store?

Change the order of your payment methods If there are multiple payment methods on youriTunes or the App Store attempts billing them from top to bottom. If you're outside of the United States, you might need to contact your financial institution to allow international purchases.

Click Done in worming bottom right. Please edit your billing info to correct the problem. Debit card, credit card, PayPal, whatever We've got 2 Problems when your iTunes or App Store payment method is declined; 3 1.