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In need of something more and exciting

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In need of something more and exciting

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Post written by Leo Babauta. Follow me on Twitter. I find life so disenchanting the more I pursue things I though were my dreams. I am at possibly the top university in the world getting my masters to make the world a better place… yet I lack the somtehing and excitement that I should have.

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And for good reason: when I do so, I love life so much more. Look around at people you know whose lives seem fascinating and exciting. You tell your children about the fun you moore during your travels.

You'll start planning hiking trips after spending three months mastering the art of hiking in your hometown. Head to the gym, learn to do pottery, start guitar lessons. It is very common.

This is kinda the flip side of No. This is a good time to take a break if you can, to get out of your usual setting and your usual routine. Make Something Interesting. Take a class during your lunch break.

Try your hand at crafting. Interact with people. Find exciting people.

26 simple ways to make your life more exciting

You still have legs and endorphins—tap into that. Interact with new areas. Step away from the TV or computer and do something. Anything can be interesting if you get curious about how it works.

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When you make copies, pay attention to how the machine works. Surround yourself with people who portray that. You will want to go to places where you can surf since you can now surf. But in that process, build your self-belief and get into the habit of living within your mean. Maybe it's a job change, a move, a proposal, a change of scenery, a new relationship in your life. For daily wisdom, the Tiny Buddha list here.

Life-changing training programs and live experiences

post:. You need to stop talking and start doing. Take a different way home. If you want to live a fun and passionate life, date someone who's fun and passionate about their life.

8 ways to make life more exciting again

Travel opens your eyes and inspires your senses. Study a new language, a new skill, a hobby. A good partner should make you feel better, not down. Explore making simple recyclable crafts for kids or try reconnecting with a skill you already have. Somethjng picking up a new hobby, you're actually putting a new pair of lens on your eyes.

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Read the Kama Sutra. Are you getting money from parents?

So what changed? Motivation was a hard currency to come by. Get tickets to your favorite band and take your favorite person to listen to some body-moving music. Go skinny dipping. Give yourself a challenge.

10 ways to beat the “can’t get no satisfaction” syndrome

Travel means experiencing, seeing, smelling, and hearing new things. Related Questions (More Answers Below). Take pictures of things that catch your eye throughout the day. Imagine how you want to feel.

Want a list of ways to make life more interesting and exciting?

Pintrest is. › lifestyle › interesting-things-to-do. Action creates momentum, and momentum builds excitement. Everyone needs some excitement or something to look forward to keep himself motivated in life.

Attend a competitive, fast-paced sporting event like tennis, basketball, or racing where the energy and excitement of the sport is contagious. Go IIn a comedy club or mystery dinner theater.

Take the initiative to entertain, and invite friends or family over for dinner or something different — like a wine tasting or game night.