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Fun things to talk about with your boyfriend

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Fun things to talk about with your boyfriend

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Lost for Words? Need some Questions to Ask your T Periods of silence can be difficult. Learning about one another builds intimacy between you as a couple. Guess what? You can still have those conversations!

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This is the only way you'll get to know each other on a deeper, more intimate level. If I opened it, what would I find? If you could have any foreign accent, which one would you pick? What do I do that drives you crazy, but still makes you smile inside? If someone challenged you to a dance competition, what song would guarantee your victory? If a abut was made about your life, what would the title be? A Harry Potter-inspired hypothetical Even if bae's not a Harry Potter fan, here's some fun convo fuel: "Which Deathly Hallow would you choose: the elder wand, invisibility cloak, or resurrection stone?

What did you eat for dinner? Have you ever been kicked out of a public place?

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They also work in person, but the short answers are perfect when you want to send a quick text to stay in touch. New Year Resolutions Now is a great time to be aspirational and share three big things you want to accomplish in ; Inspire each other to set goals and keep one another able in the year to come. What kind of holiday do you make? Would you rather drive a tank or a submarine? What actor would you pick to portray you?

Your next vacation Will it be hiking Machu Picchu? As Tcharkhoutian says, "Sharing of childhood memories and funny family stories can [ Play The Question Game. What's boydriend favorite food? Understanding what about the relationship makes them happy can help you feel more confident. Have you ever kissed another guy?

46 things to talk about with bae when you feel like you've covered it all

If you could be incredibly fit but as smart as a horse, or horribly obese but as intelligent as Richard Dawkins, what would you choose? We may earn commission from links on thisbut we only recommend products we love.

Do Wives wanting sex in Ios know how to spell antidisestablishmentarianism? Don't worry, though, I've got 46 questions and conversation topics for you to use on your next FaceTime with your ificant other so your chats can start going into the night like they used to pre-quarantine. What do you do with your power? There is always more to learn about a person, it's just finding the right questions to ask.

It's tit-for-tat, however, so be prepared to dish out your most cringe-worthy tale once bae shares theirs. Beware of The Answers Some of these questions will be very revealing and might contain answers that are red flags.

Have you ever been streaking? If you had a really fluffy bunny, what would you name it? What is the best organ? You don't need to change who you are as a person to make someone happy. What is your robot name? What is your favorite Disney movie?

What is the most memorable phone call of your life? Taking a long weekend in Portland, Maine? What yoour your favorite Britney Spears song?

6 things to talk about with your boyfriend to improve your relationship

If it's not going so well, it's time to look at what's going wrong. Tell Each Other Exactly How You Feel. Play The Question Game Have you ever played the question game? How would your exes describe you today if asked?

Learn more about what influences them

Other great topics to discuss include: Weekend plans - His and yours Favorite day of the week - Is Friday your favorite day because you don't have to get up early on Saturday? If you were an action figure, what would your superpower be and what special tools would be on your belt? Would you ever drive a SmartCar? If you could spend one day with someone, living or dead, who would you choose? If I waved a magic wand and gave you the ability to fly, where would you go first? What is your worst habit?

Your values should be in alignment. What is one thing you wish you were taught that you had to learn the hard way?

Lost for words? need some questions to ask your boyfriend?

What boggles your mind whenever you think about it? But if you don't, it can turn into a battle of the tihngs, and might even teach you something new about each other. Your love languages Real talk: Your boyfriend probably doesn't have a clue which of the five love languages he embodies. What is the best kind of crime? Ask, and maybe, you shall receive.

What about skinny dipping? If you could find any kind of buried treasure, what kind of buried treasure would you want to find? This can help you in other areas of your relationship as well. What would the traditions of the country be like? Share Random Thoughts.

40 ideas to talk about with your boyfriend

What about me? If you were trapped on an island and run could only bring three things with you, what would you take? What do you call it?