OklahomaWeatherTracker.com uses the latest weather technology to give you information LIVE and when you need it.  OklahomaWeatherTracker.com leases a virtual server that is located in San Diego, Ca.  The reason we use a virtual server that is located in a different state is because when severe weather hits Oklahoma we don't have to worry about power or communication/internet disruptions.  It helps to ensure our information stays LIVE.  OklahomaWeatherTracker.com also uses custom software we developed that automates our Live Weather Blog and also our Social Media streams.  To ensure our MesoScan Radars have LIVE data with each NEXRAD volume scan OklahomaWeatherTracker.com purchases NEXRAD Level 2 and 3 data from a third party vendor. (NEXRAD data is free over the internet but it can be delayed 1-3 minutes.)
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